Book: Shoshi and Zazi


Review by: Deidré Porthen (Lecturer at CPUT)



This children’s book is quite unique as it covers various complex social and economical issues which affects our daily lives. The silver lining is clearly defined which gives rise to Hope and Friendship.


The appreciation of family, which is the corner stone of our human existence, is the foundation of this book. Overcoming various stereotypes by being proactive is vital and this book shows the young learner how a simple gesture can change many lives. Being good hearted can change many lives and Shoshi did not even realise at the beginning that her wanting a friend, despite having siblings would be a life changing event for a girl who had no friends.


Despite having all the riches of the world, this book shows that material wealth cannot be a substitute for family and friendships. The social element in our lives is the foundation of our existence and impacts everything we do.


The notion of sharing what you have and the gift of giving is emphasized throughout the book. These qualities have been disregarded by our modern society due to people becoming more focused on their own well-being and success. The small tokens of appreciation and gratitude expressed in the book have touched me so deeply and I know that the young learner will be impacted as well.


This book is packaged with real life issues and captivates the reader from beginning to end. This should be a sequel as this story line affects the lives of many young children in our society.

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